10% Online Cashback Offer for AMEX Cards

Amex 10% Online Cashback Offer

Sorry! This offer has expired on 30th November 2018!

Esquire Electronics & City Bank brings forth the most exciting online sales campaign of the year! End the year with a bang and get yourself world-class home appliances from brands such as SHARP & GENERAL. Use your Amex card at our online shop and enjoy 10% cashback! You can also enjoy 0% interest 6 EMI along with the 10% cashback offer… pretty sweet deal, right? So, what are you waiting for… get your online shopping mode on, NOW!

Please read the FAQ below to know the terms and conditions of this offer.


1. What is the offer?

All City Bank AMEX cardholders will be able to enjoy 10% cashback from Esquire Electronics Ltd Online Shop bearing the URL www.esquireelectronicsltd.com

3. Will I get cashback with FlexiBuy (EMI program of CBL)?

This offer is valid in addition to FlexiBuy (EMI) facilities.

2. What is the campaign period?

The campaign period will be from 1st of November to 30th of November, 2018.

4. Will the cashback be available in already discounted products?

The cashback will be available on all products and this will be on top of all discounted products.

5. Who is eligible for this campaign?

All City Bank Amex Credit and Debit card members will be eligible under this offer.

6. Is there any capping in cashback?

The maximum cashback per transaction will be BDT 5000.

7. Is there any limit to the number of times that the cardholder will be eligible for the offer?

There is no limit to the number of times the cardholder will be able to avail the cashback.

8. When will the cardholders receive the cashback?

The cardholder will receive the cashback within ten working days after the end of campaign period.

9. Will I get cashback in delivery charges?

The cashback isn’t applicable on delivery charges.

10. Where can I avail this offer from?

The offer is available in webpage bearing the URL www.esquireelectronicsltd.com this is an online based offer and isn’t available offline.

11. Is this offer available for both POS and online payment?

The offer is available only for online payments through City Bank payment gateway. This offer isn’t applicable for payments made through POS, cash or any other method.

12. Is it mandatory to use City Bank payment gateway?

Yes, the offer is only applicable for ‘City Bank payment gateway’. Anyone who pays through any other gateway will not be eligible for the campaign.

13. What are the contact details for any queries pertaining to Esquire Electronics Ltd?

Contact number: 01709-636161

Email: [email protected]

14. Can someone buy the products for anyone else?

City Bank cardholder can purchase the product for anyone else under this offer.

15. What is the refund, delivery and exchange policy?

The refund, delivery and exchange is as per Esquire Electronics Ltd.’s policy.