Company Profile

Esquire Electronics Ltd.

Esquire Electronics Ltd. is a Member Unit of Esquire Group, one of the most reputed conglomerates of the nation.

What started as a single showroom in 1974 has now grown into one of the most widely trusted and highly respected companies in Bangladesh. In the 40 years since its inception, Esquire Electronics Ltd. has specialized in consumer electronics and honed it’s services through perseverance and hard earned experience.


Esquire Electronics Ltd. is now the Authorized Sole Distributor for the Japanese electronics giants  FUJITSU GENERAL and SHARP. Esquire Electronics Ltd. also sells products from DANAAZ – a relatively new brand established to cater to the mass population of our country.


We currently market the entire range of GENERAL RAC and PAC Air Conditioners. The engineering wing of Esquire Electronics Ltd also provide VRF Air Conditioning solutions by GENERAL.


Esquire Electronics Ltd. has earned the trust of many as a supplier of the entire range of SHARP Home Appliances including LED TVs, refrigerators, deep freezers, microwave ovens, washing machines, small residential air conditioning units with PCI and Inverter technology and other small home appliances.


Distribution Network:

Esquire Electronics Ltd. has an impressive network of 70 showrooms all over Bangladesh, complemented by 15 Customer Care Centers across the nation.


We have served over 60 lac customers of GENERAL and SHARP brands and we are widely recognized for our quality products, reliable prices and prompt and efficient after sales support.


Following the success of our physical retail network, we now provide e-commerce facilities for the convenience of people. Selecting and purchasing products have never been easier. But we didn’t stop there. We have partnered with several prominent online shops of Bangladesh to expand the reach of our products to an even larger audience. Now anyone can purchase our top notch products from the online services of their choice and rest assured knowing that the excellent reliability and service of Esquire Electronics Ltd. will follow.


Our Strength:

Our true strength lies with our employees. Behind the curtains, hard working individuals continue to work tirelessly to bring customers the very best products from international brands and efficient service so that the they do not have to worry about anything else.


Esquire Group has over 10,000 personnel currently employed all over the country and Esquire Electronics Ltd is home to 900 of them.



At the apex of the Group is the Founder and Chairman, Md. Mofazzal Hossain, a reputed businessman and industrialist.

Mr. Hossain has over 45 years of experience behind him. He has to his credit many honors and awards for his dedicated devotion & contribution to the economy of the country.


The company is currently overseen by Mr. Arifur Rahman. He is a dynamic entrepreneur and has experience in the versatile business sector. After completing his education in Business Administration from U.K., he joined Esquire Group. He focuses on implementing strategic business planning and corporate management practices in organizations. He has successfully gathered a lot of insight in the textile and electronics industries through his years of experience working in close contact with these.


Our Vision:

We seek to become the best, most trusted household electronics company and continue to maintain and improve our high standards of service for the benefit of the people of Bangladesh. We intend to expand to even more areas and bring them under our umbrella of service.


Our Mission:

Purchasing a fridge or TV or Air Conditioning unit is a big decision. We understand that. Therefor we intend to ensure the availability of the highest quality of products and services and dedicate these to all end users. We are working to ensure the continued reliability that Esquire Electronics Ltd has been historically known for and we will continue to take the effort to ensure that our customers have the smoothest and most pleasant experience in their purchase.


Our Values:

Our values revolve around the core ideas of

Customer Satisfaction

Business Ethics

Reliability and