Sharp 1.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter AC AH-XP13SHVE

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Capacity: 1.0 Ton (13,000 BTU)
J-TECH Inverter Technology
PCI (Plasmacluster Ionizer)
60% Plus Energy Savings
Low Voltage Compatibility
Free Home Delivery
Free installation with 13 feet copper pipe.

৳ 59,000৳ 62,000

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SHARP 1.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner AH-XP13SHVE is available at Esquire Electronics Ltd. – the Authorized Distributor of all the SHARP appliances in Bangladesh. Get the original SHARP air conditioners at the most affordable price only at Esquire Electronics and enjoy the Japan quality with the promise of best customer service in Bangladesh.

The SHARP 1.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter AC AH-XP13SHVE is a powerful and feature-packed air conditioner for your home that saves electricity as well as saves you from air-borne germs. The built-in PCI produces highly efficient high density Plasmacluster Ions which purifies the air in your room and helps you take naturally fresh breaths of air right at the comfort of your room. The PCI also protects you from air-borne viruses, germs, molds, fungus, odors and dust particles… so the children and the elderly can remain healthy. And the cutting-edge inverter technology will ensure that you save at least 60% electricity every year! It’s not just an AC… it’s much more.

Here are some of the most amazing features of this Sharp 1.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter AC AH-XP13SHVE –

  • Powerful jet mode delivers powerful blasts of cool air to rapidly reduce room temperature.
  • Lock on sensor, detects the location of the remote and automatically sends refreshingly cool air in that direction.
  • Long airflow sends cool air travelling upward and across the room to provide gentle, even cooling.
  • Coanda airflow system sends cold air travelling up to the ceiling during cooling operation to avoid direct airflow.
  • Inverter controlled operation enables quick-cooling operation while limiting functions in temperature and reducing power consumption.
  • Temperature can be changed with 0.5 degree interval, resulting in maximum controlled cooling.
  • PCI system protects you from air-borne viruses, germs, molds, fungus, odors and dust particles

For more details about this 1.0 ton SHARP AC please visit the official website from this link.

Shop now from our website and receive home delivery free of cost across Bangladesh. Enjoy the most affordable price with the industry leading customer service. 

Cooling Capacity (kW)




Inverter Controlled Operation




COP (Co-efficient of Power)




Dimension (WxHxD)(mm) - Indoor

877 x 292 x 222

Dimension (WxHxD)(mm) - Outdoor

730 x 540 x 250

Nett Weight

9 kg (Indoor) / 25kg (outdoor)


Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioner

Awakening Function


Auto Restart Function


1-Hour OFF Timer


Sleep Mode Function


Self Cleaning Function


Dual Drain Setting


Powerful Jet


High-Density Plasmacluster Ions


Auto Swing Louver


Auto Operation Mode


12-Hour ON/OFF Timer


Computerized Dry Mode Operation


Lower Room Temperature Setting


Quiet Operation


Pipe Diameter - Liquid Side


Pipe Diameter - Gas Side (Inch)


Airflow Volume - Cool / Indoor


Rated Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz)

220 – 240 / 50

Voltage Range (V)


Rated Current (Min. - Max.) (A)

6.6 (1.3 – 9.3)

Rated Input (Min. - Max.) (W)

1,150 (250 – 1,500)

Warranty & Services

Electrical Spare Parts Warranty: 2 Years

Compressor Warranty: 10 Years

Free Service Warranty: 2 Years

Country of Origin: Japan 

Country of Assemble: Thailand 

46 reviews for Sharp 1.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter AC AH-XP13SHVE

  1. Tanbir Ahmed

    Really good air conditioner. Perfect for small sized room. The PCI technology was really useful for my new born. Overall I’m satisfied with the product.

  2. Muhammad Al Amin

    130 foot room ei air conditioner ki hobe

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      This AC can cover maximum 120 square feet. More than that area will be difficult for it to cover. For your room size 1.5 ton AC would be perfect, sir.


    What items in box and do u have free installation facilities?

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Sir, you will get indoor unit, outdoor unit and remote control. We don’t give free installation, 1 ton AC installation cost is 6500 tk. To buy our products please visit your nearest showroom –

  4. Mahdee Hasan

    my room size is 14 square meter. does the AC is perfect? your website says recommended area is 12-17 squre meter.

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Thank you for your question sir. Considering the weather of Bangladesh, 1 ton AC can cover maximum 120 square feet/11 square meter area. For your room size you should consider 1.5 ton AC.

  5. Riadul Islam

    Today they installed it in my room. However, it does not have any temperature display!!!

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Yes sir, it does not have any display on indoor unit. The temperature display is on the remote only. You must’ve bought the product after seeing it at our showroom sir, right?

  6. Nahidur Rahim

    Yes, the performance of that AC is remarkable. Just for my query– if ECO button (from remote) is not enabled, then INVERTER/ power consumption function does works or not?

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      ECO mode activates more energy savings so you should turn the ECO mode on if you wish to save more electricity, sir.

  7. Saiful Islam

    Any installation cost is free than i buy it.

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Sorry sir, installation cost is separate, we cannot give it for free.

  8. Faisal ahmmed shuvo

    10% discount on your AC for GP STAR customers???

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Sir, To avail GP Star Discount; please contact your nearest showroom. To locate your nearest showroom, click here.

  9. maruf

    Is the BTU of this AC 13000? My room size is 120 sft…( South face on 2nd floor & not top floor)..can I go for it..

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Yes Sir. You can.

  10. Maruf

    Tel me about the post sales experience & durability of this particular AC.

  11. Mahbub

    I have purchased the product some months ago. I want to know about the function of “clean” & “ion” buttons. Thanks

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Sir, the ‘ion’ button will start releasing plasmacluster ions which will reduce bad odors, airborne mold etc. ‘clean’ button will initiate the self cleaning function which will reduce molds and keep the inside of the AC dry. We would recommend you to use the ‘clean’ function every 3-4 months.

  12. Sumon

    My room is 100 sft. 2nd floor and top floor. Is this ac for me?

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Yes Sir, it can cover upto 120 square feet.

  13. Mamun

    is it has Copper condenser or Aluminium??

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Aluminium, Sir.

  14. zannatun naim shaon

    I want to know This AC Star Ratings

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Sir, kindly visit our showroom to learn about the power rating.

  15. Emon

    Do you sell your products only through your show rooms? Or you have some other distributor/ dealer too?
    I just want to buy a original product.

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Sir, we have dealers as well but if you want to purchase original Sharp products, we would suggest to buy from our showrooms or our online store.

  16. Md. Mamun

    Hellow Brother, I want to purchase this 1 ton AC InsAllah. My Question is My room is 100 square feet and its in Top Floor. Is this AC can cover my room properly??

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Yes Sir, it can cover the location you have described.

  17. Tauhid

    My room size, 120 sft & middle floor. Is it possible for 1 ton?

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Yes Sir, you can use it.


    Can I use it in my 144 sft room.
    And if I use it in 144 sft then what will happen in your warranty service.

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Sorry Sir, you can not use it in a 144 square feet room. If you do use it, it will put extra strain on the compressor which will ultimately lessen the lifetime of the compressor resulting in frequent malfunction.

  19. Rezwan

    My room is 152 sft,can use this ac

  20. Tarequl

    Thanks good Product satisfied .

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      We are glad you like our product sir!

  21. Manzurul Kabir

    I am using two J Tech Inverter 2 Ton AC in my home and office. If you use it just for once you cant forget it. I have used many brands in last 10 years but this one is outstanding. Its cooling is so comfortable and you can set its temperature as much you want. As like 22.5 or 23.5. It have .5 option which is not available in other AC. Its giving perfect value of money i think. So just buy and enjoy. And of course don’t forget to clean your indoor air filter once in a month and hire a professional servicing expert to clean indoor and outdoor unit before every summer season. Thanks.

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Thank you for your sharing your experience sir! We are glad you like the product!

  22. Lisa

    This is an awesome AC. My electricity bill comes so low you wont even believe it! Will buy another one soon! 🙂

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd

      Thank you mam for your recommendation.

  23. Chmon

    What is PCI?

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Sir, PCI refers to Plasma Cluster Ion which is a proprietary technology developed by Sharp. This technology was developed in hopes to provide a clean and dust free atmosphere to the customers. To learn more about the technology please visit the link below.

  24. ASM Shahriar Zahan

    I want to buy this product. I am satisfied with all the information I have got. But have a little query.
    You are saying that it has Aluminium condenser, but at Rajshahi showroom they are saying it is Copper. Can you please confirm?
    Here is my contact no. 01717115052
    – Shahriar

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Dear Sir, all SHARP’s AC condensers are made of aluminium. Any how our Rajshahi showroom manager misunderstood you and gave you wrong information. We are extremely sorry for it.

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1 year 3 months ago

Is the installation charge included in the price mentioned?

Esquire Electronics Ltd.
1 year 3 months ago

No sir, installation is a separate cost of 6500 tk for 1 ton AC.

Mazharul Alam
1 year 15 days ago

Is it a LED Backlight remote control?

1 year 12 days ago

Sorry Sir. it is not.

4 months 5 days ago

How much estimated electricity bill does sharp 1 ton inverter ac produce in a month (avg. use 10 hrs a day)?

4 months 4 days ago

Sir, approximately 1100-1200 per month (Depending on usage). ECO function must be turned on for maximum savings.

2 months 19 days ago

Sharp AH-XP13SHVE – Inverter AC – 1.0 Ton – White
copper pipe ki free

2 months 13 days ago

Sir, copper pipe is not supplied with the product. If you purchase installation, you will receive copper pipe along with it.

Dr. Sreekanta Sheel
2 months 9 days ago

For the GP Star subscriber, the 10% discount is still available?

2 months 8 days ago

Sir GP Star 10% discount is available when there is no other offer on the product. If there is an offer running, the GP Star discount is 5%.

28 days 11 hours ago

What about servicing? Should i get any servicing (checking,cleaning) free of charge?

Esquire Electronics Ltd.
4 days 1 hour ago

Sir, we give 3 years free servicing and that means we will do free checking for 3 years. But cleaning is not free.

25 days 13 hours ago

Does this have heating and cooling both or just cooling?

Esquire Electronics Ltd.
8 days 1 hour ago

Sir, it’s a cooling AC.