Sharp 2.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter AC AH-XP24SHVE

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Capacity: 2.0 Ton (24,000 BTU)
J-TECH Inverter Technology
PCI (Plasmacluster Ionizer)
60% Plus Energy Savings
Low Voltage Compatibility
Free Home Delivery
Free Installation Service.
6 EMI Available along with Free Installation! (Free Installation not available with 12 EMI)

৳ 92,000৳ 102,000

Avail EMI Offer


SHARP 2.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner AH-XP24SHVE is available at Esquire Electronics Ltd. – the Authorized Distributor of all the SHARP appliances in Bangladesh. Get the original SHARP air conditioners at the most affordable price only at Esquire Electronics and enjoy the Japan quality with the promise of best customer service in Bangladesh.

The SHARP 2.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter AC AH-XP24SHVE is a powerful and feature-packed air conditioner for your home that saves electricity as well as saves you from air-borne germs. The built-in PCI produces highly efficient high density Plasmacluster Ions which purifies the air in your room and helps you take naturally fresh breaths of air right at the comfort of your room. The PCI also protects you from air-borne viruses, germs, molds, fungus, odors and dust particles… so the children and the elderly can remain healthy. And the cutting-edge inverter technology will ensure that you save at least 60% electricity every year! It’s not just an AC… it’s much more.

Here are some of the most amazing features of Sharp 2.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter AC AH-XP24SHVE –

  • Super jet mode delivers powerful blasts of cool air to rapidly reduce room temperature.
  • Lock on sensor, detects the location of the remote and automatically sends refreshingly cool air in that direction.
  • Long airflow sends cool air travelling upward and across the room to provide gentle, even cooling.
  • Coanda airflow system sends cold air travelling up to the ceiling during cooling operation to avoid direct airflow.
  • Inverter controlled operation enables quick-cooling operation while limiting functions in temperature and reducing power consumption.
  • Temperature can be changed with 0.5 degree interval, resulting in maximum controlled cooling.
  • PCI system protects you from air-borne viruses, germs, molds, fungus, odors and dust particles

For more details about this 2.0 ton SHARP AC please visit the official website from this link.

Shop now from our website and receive home delivery free of cost across Bangladesh. Enjoy the most affordable price with the industry leading customer service. 

Cooling Capacity (kW)




Inverter Controlled Operation




COP (Co-efficient of Power)




Dimension (WxHxD)(mm) - Indoor

1,006 x 316 x 249

Dimension (WxHxD)(mm) - Outdoor

850 x 710 x 330

Nett Weight

11 kg (Indoor) / 42kg (outdoor)


Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioner

Awakening Function


Auto Restart Function


1-Hour OFF Timer


Sleep Mode Function


Self Cleaning Function


Dual Drain Setting


Super Jet


High-Density Plasmacluster Ions


Auto Swing Louver


Auto Operation Mode


12-Hour ON/OFF Timer


Computerized Dry Mode Operation


Lower Room Temperature Setting


Quiet Operation


Pipe Diameter - Liquid Side


Pipe Diameter - Gas Side (Inch)


Airflow Volume - Cool / Indoor


Rated Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz)

220 – 240 / 50

Voltage Range (V)


Rated Current (Min. - Max.) (A)

8.9 (1.6 – 11.6)

Rated Input (Min. - Max.) (W)

1,800 (330 – 2,200)



Condenser Material


Warranty & Services

Electrical Spare Parts Warranty: 2 Years

Compressor Warranty: 10 Years

Free Service Warranty: 2 Years

Country of Origin: Japan 

Country of Assemble: Thailand 

49 reviews for Sharp 2.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter AC AH-XP24SHVE

  1. Md. Masum Karim

    Really happy with the product. The baby mode was really good feature. Also electricity bill has been reduced noticiably. I’m very happy.

  2. Md. Golam Kibria

    The same product price is only 92000.00 at best electronics, why?

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Sir, thank you for your interest in our products. As you probably know, Esquire Electronics Ltd. is the only authorized distributor of Sharp’s entire home appliances lineup in Bangladesh. Because of this authorization, only we can support you original Sharp products along with original spare parts warranty that no other sellers can provide. Also, we are the only company who imports Sharp’s products directly from Sharp’s factories in complete built condition. Because of this, we have to pay more that 200% in import taxes. This is why the price is higher. We hope we could clarify your confusion. If you have any more queries, feel free to reach us at [email protected] or call us at 09610-001010.

  3. Hasan

    The same product at daraz priced 88000 BDT and the seller is also you. Can you explain the issue?

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Sir this offer was made by Daraz for their own promotion. If you order from Daraz, you can also get original Esquire Electronics products. Just make sure Esquire Electronics is listed as the supplier for the product you wan to purchase.

  4. Touhidd

    How much electricity save?

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd

      Sharp inverter AC will save up to 60% electricity.

  5. Siddiqur Rahman

    If I go for 2. Ton AC for 125 SFT Room is there any Problem?

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Sir, if a unit is too big for the room, it will cause the unit to “short cycle”, which means the output of the unit will ramp up and down too frequently. This can lead to fluctuations in the room temperature and excessive noise. So we won’t suggest you to use 2 ton AC in 125 sf room.

  6. torab

    goto january mash e kinechi, ekhon porjonto khub bhalo service dicheh. biddut bill o kom ashe, amar ager singer ac er tulonay onek bhalo service dicheh ar bill o kom ashcheh

    • Esquire Electronics

      স্যার আপনার রিভিউ এর জন্য ধন্যবাদ।

  7. Mozammel


    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your review sir.

  8. zamiar

    Sharp 2.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter AC AH-XP24SHVE remote control manual is there? i need that little cool not more

    • Esquire Electronics

      No sir there is no remote control manual. You can keep the temperature around 23-24 Degree Celsius , it should be comfortable according to the temperature of our country.

  9. Shantonu

    Better than the best

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your kind words sir.

  10. Mahtab

    nice cooling power ac very cool looking also very good electricity less bill

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your feedback sir.

  11. Emilia Stark

    this is the best inverter ac of our country without a doubt

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your feedback ma’am.

  12. Anila

    I wouldn’t say this is the best AC in the world but I would say this is the best AC in Bangladesh.

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your feedback ma’am.

  13. shadman manzur

    good job sharp

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your feedback sir.

  14. Azam

    Very good product but I wish they could provide free installation like the other companies.

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your feedback sir. Some companies don’t have any installation charge while we do. There is big reason behind it. If you get free installation from a company then it is more likely for you to get below par installation materials such as low quality copper pipe without proper insulation, Low quality angle and board etc. These might seem like small things but if they are made with low quality materials then it will significantly reduce the lifetime of your AC. I’m sure you definitely don’t want your AC that was bought using your hard earned money to be ruined due to improper installation materials. We charge you for the installation kit because the one’s we use are recommended by Sharp, imported from China, comes with high quality copper pipe with proper insulation and high quality angle & royal boards. All in all, it’s a complete AC installation kit. Thus, there is significantly less chance of your AC gas being leaked, copper pipe damage or other servicing issues. As a result, your AC will give reliable service for years without any hiccup.
      The following materials are included for installation :
      1) Pre-insulated Copper Pipe
      2) Indoor and outdoor fitting
      3) Iron angle
      4) Indoor-outdoor signal cable (BRB cable) for supplying and setting
      5) Making Necessary holes in the walls
      6) Testing and commissioning of the machine
      7) Tapes
      8) Expert Technician
      We believe when you are spending a big budget for an AC then you would like your AC to give you service for many years; in that case you will choose us. Thank you.

  15. abu baher

    onak valo akta ac

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your kind words sir.

  16. shaheen

    ei ac te installation free diben?

    • Esquire Electronics

      No sir. Installation charge:
      1.0 Ton ac:6500 BDT (Including all materials)
      1.5/2.0 Ton ac: 7500 BDT (Including all materials)

  17. golam towhid

    got it from daraz 1212 offer and i must say i am pleasantly surprised, good product and fast delivery

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your kind words sir.

  18. asif md zakaria

    inverter use korle benefit ki can you tell me please?

    • Esquire Electronics

      Sir, J-Tech Inverter is a propitiatory technology developed by Sharp to provide a quality performance at the same time maximizing energy saving. Sharp’s J-Tech Inverter products can save upto 60% energy consumption which has a huge effect on the electricity bill.

  19. Hridoy

    কালকে সন্ধায় মাত্র অর্ডার করে আসলাম। আর আজকে এসি ফিটিং ও করে দিয়ে গেছে। ডেলিভারি স্পিড সহ সবকিছু সুপার ফাস্ট। এসি টাও বেশ কাজের মনে হচ্ছে ☺

    • Esquire Electronics

      স্যার আপনার রিভিউ এর জন্য অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ।

  20. Mozahidur Rahman

    200 SFT office room er jonnu 2 ton nile vhalo hoy naki 1.5 ton?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Esquire Electronics

      স্যার, ২ টন এসির প্রয়োজন হবে।

  21. redowan

    amazing stuff

    • Esquire Electronics

      Dear sir, Thank you for your kind feedback.

  22. Protozoa

    etar daam eto beshi kano?

    • Esquire Electronics

      স্যার, বাংলাদেশে অরিজিনাল শার্প পণ্যের একমাত্র Authorized Distributor হল এসকোয়্যার ইলেক্ট্রনিক্স লিমিটেড। আমরা সম্পূর্ণ প্রস্তুতকৃত মডেল আমদানি করি যার ফলে পণ্য সরাসরি ফ্যাকটরি থেকে কাস্টমারের বাসায় পৌছায় ও পণ্যের সর্বোচ্চ গুনগতমান বজায় থাকে। সম্পূর্ণ প্রস্তুতকৃত মডেল আমদানি করার কারনে আমাদের ১০৭% ইমপোর্ট ডিউটি দিতে হয় সরকারকে। এছাড়াও জাপানিজ পণ্য গুণে মানে সেরা বিধায় দাম ও অন্যান্য মডেল এর চেয়ে একটু বেশী। এছাড়া ইনভার্টার টেকনোলোজি ৩৬ টি ধাপে কুলিং সিস্টেমকে কন্ট্রোল করে। ফলে ফ্রিজ দ্রুত ঠান্ডা হয়,শব্দ এবং ভাইব্রেশন কম হয় এবং কম এনার্জি খরচ হয়। তাই, ৬০ % পর্যন্ত বিদ্যুৎ খরচ কমে আসে।

  23. Faisal

    For a 189 square feet room of a top floor apartment; what tons inverter AC would you suggest to install?

    • Esquire Electronics

      স্যার, আপনার ২ টন এসির প্রয়োজন হবে। আপনি Sharp 2.0 Ton J-Tech Inverter AC AH-XP24SHVE মডেলটি বেছে নিতে পারেন।

  24. মোঃ মাজহারুল ইসলাম

    বাসার ভোল্টেজ যদি ১৮০-২০০ এর মধ্যে হয়, তাহলে এসি চলবে?

    • Esquire Electronics

      স্যার এ বিষয়ে অনুগ্রহ করে আমাদের কাস্টমার কেয়ারে যোগাযোগ করুন- 260/A Tejgaon I/A, (Nabisco bus-stop, Opposite Lalbag Chemical), Tejgaon, Dhaka – 1208. Phone – 01730-066300, 01552-325417 .

      তারা আপনাকে সাহায্য করবে।

  25. Ajoad

    For a 250 sq ft room, is 2 ton AC enough?

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2 years 22 days ago

Power consumption

2 years 20 days ago

Around 1500 Watt.

1 year 4 months ago

Room dimension: L 18 * W 14 * H 9. what is the correct AC for this room?

1 year 4 months ago

Sir, from our understanding; the measurement you have provided us is more than 240 square feet. Which meants you will need at least 2.5 ton ac.

1 year 4 months ago

What is the Condenser type of sharp inverter ac?
Copper or Aluminium…
Blue fin/ gold fin ..?

1 year 4 months ago

Aluminium condenser, Sir. Unfortunately we do not know which fin its compressor is.

Mohammad Shohel Rana
3 months 11 days ago

Hi I am interested to buy Sharp Inverter A/C for my bed room size 12 feet by 16 feet and 5 inch, height approximately 11/10 feet.

My question is, do I need an 2 ton A/C or 1.5 ton will also work for my room? Please advise.

Also can you please tell me what’s the power consumption for General 2 ton A/C model ASGA-24FUTB?

3 months 9 days ago

Sir, 2.0 ton AC will be required.

Electricity bill depends on many factors, like- Hours Used Per Day, Power Use (Watts), Price per kWh. Actual power consumption varies every single second, that said, all of our AC models are very energy efficient.