Sharp Freezer SJC-178-GY

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Capacity: 160 Liters
Color: Gray
Energy saving refrigerant
Built-in safety lock
LED Lighting
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৳ 27,900৳ 30,900

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SHARP Freezer SJC-178-GY is available at Esquire Electronics Ltd. – the Authorized Distributor of all the SHARP appliances in Bangladesh. Get the original SHARP freezers at the most affordable price only at Esquire Electronics and enjoy the Japan quality with the promise of best customer service in Bangladesh.


SHARP deep fridges are made with the utmost care at world class factories to ensure a premium build quality and optimum cooling efficiency. These freezers are equipped with energy saving refrigerant to make sure that you don’t need to worry about energy consumption. LED Lighting gives you the finest lighting solution so that you can use the freezer effortlessly even at the dead of the night. And the Key Lock features enables maximum safety and security.

Here are some of the most notable features of the Sharp Freezer SJC-178-GY:

  • Energy saving refrigerant
  • Removable basket storage
  • Built-in safety lock
  • LED Lighting
  • Grip Handle with Key
  • Built-In Condenser
  • Aluminium Inner Liner
  • Fast Freezing Button

For details about this 160 liter SHARP chest freezer please visit the official website from this link.

Shop now from our website and receive delivery free of cost across Bangladesh. Enjoy the most affordable price with the industry leading customer service. 


160 Liters

Net Capacity

140 Liters



Cooling System






Net Dimensions W x D x H (mm)

754 x 564 x 845

Length of cable/incl. plug



Grip Handle

LED Lighting


Key Lock




Max storage time by power failure


Climate Class

Tropical Class (18 ~ 43C)

Rated Voltage/Frequency

160V ~ 260V / 50Hz



Warranty & Services

Electrical Spare Parts: 2 Years

Compressor: 10 Years

Free Service: 2 Years

Country of Origin: Japan 

Country of Assemble: China 

26 reviews for Sharp Freezer SJC-178-GY

  1. Susan

    loved it! worth every penny!

    • Esquire Electronics Ltd.

      Thank you ma’am.

  2. Faruk Miaz

    Such a useful thing. Esquire Electronics never disappoints me. It spares me a lot of electricity bill and its LED lighting is top quality. I am very happy with this product.

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your kind words sir.

  3. sharp lover

    sharp never disappoints me

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your feedback sir.

  4. Nazmun Begum

    It has Grip Handle with Key ! So my little kiddo can’t steal ice creams from it. Jokes apart , it’s a good quality product.

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your feedback ma’am.

  5. Nikab

    It’s been a while I have been using it. It truly amazes me. Great product by Esquire Electronics.

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your feedback sir.

  6. khushnoor

    Its easy to use and supper easy to clean !

    • Esquire Electronics

      Thank you for your kind feedback ma’am.

  7. Sajedul

    Very good quality.

    • Esquire Electronics

      Dear sir, thank you for your kind feedback.

  8. শামীম রুমী

    আমি এই ফ্রিজারটা বাসার জন্য নিয়েছি। এটা আমার প্রয়োজন ও বাজেটের সাথে দারুণ মানানসই। যেকোন ছোট ও মাঝারি সদস্যের পরিবারে এটি চমৎকার সার্ভিস দিতে সক্ষম।
    শার্প ব্র্যান্ড এর ফ্রিজার বাংলাদেশে খুবই জনপ্রিয়। এই ফ্রিজারগুলির জন্য ছবিসহ একটি সহজবোধ্য ম্যানুয়াল থাকলে অনেক উপকার হবে।
    এসকোয়্যার ইলেকট্রনিকস লিঃ-কে এমন একটি ম্যানুয়াল/ইউজার গাইড তৈরি ও প্রচারের জন্য অনুরোধ জানাচ্ছি।

    • Esquire Electronics

      Dear sir, thank you for your kind feedback. You can visit any of our showrooms and they will show you the basic settings and functions.

  9. Jobayer Muhammad

    Loved it!

    • Esquire Electronics

      Dear sir, thank you for your kind feedback.

  10. Dr. Nizam Uddin

    I liked it. Is it non-frost?

    • Esquire Electronics

      No sir, it is frost.

  11. Fayshal

    এটা কি সিলভার কালারের হবে??
    অগ্রীম ধন্যবাদ।

    • Esquire Electronics

      No sir, Grey and white color is available.

  12. Kamrul

    Apnader ki kono kisti subidha ase…6months

    • Esquire Electronics

      আমাদের কিস্তি সুবিধা ও EMI Facility দুইটিই আছে ( ১০,০০০ টাকার বেশি মূল্যের পণ্যের জন্য)

      সহজ কিস্তি সুবিধা শুধুমাত্র শো – রুমের ক্ষেত্রে প্রযোজ্য। এই সুবিধাটি ক্রেডিট কার্ড ছাড়া পাওয়া যাবে। এ সুবিধাটি প্রদানের বিষয়ে শো -রুম সকল শর্তাবলী বিবেচনার মাধ্যমে সিদ্ধান্ত গ্রহণ করবে। সহজ কিস্তি সুবিধার ব্যাপারে বিস্তারিত জানতে অনুগ্রহ করে নিচের লিঙ্কটি ভিজিট করুন,
      বর্তমান পরিস্থিতির কারণে সহজ কিস্তি সুবিধাটি অনেক শর্ত বিবেচনার মাধ্যমে সীমিত আকারে দেয়া হচ্ছে।

      EMI facility এর জন্য ক্রেডিট কার্ড এর প্রয়োজন হবে। আমাদের EMI facility সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত জানতে ভিজিট করুন-

  13. Tanmoy Mallick

    I want to know the dimension of 160 L deep freezer

    • Esquire Electronics

      Sir, NET DIMENSIONS W X D X H (MM)= 754 x 564 x 845

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Saiful Islam
1 year 1 month ago

Q.1.Which metal (Copper/Aluminium/ Alloys) was used to make it’s condenser?
Q.2. Has it any built-in stabilis?

1 year 1 month ago

Sir, it has Built-In Condenser with Aluminium Inner Liner.

1 year 24 days ago

Do I have to buy a voltage stabilizer with this freezer ?

1 year 22 days ago

Sir, We don’t recommend any voltage stabilizer, because the voltage stabilizers available in our country fluctuate upto 10% to 15% voltage. So, instead of making 220v it makes 240v or more. It is harmful for the fridge, That’s why there is no need to use voltage stabilizer.

Our freezer can adjust to the fluctuating voltage on its own. Just make sure not to use any multiplug connection, always give direct connection and don’t connect on a loose connection.

1 year 16 days ago

Thanks for this important informatio.

1 year 15 days ago

What’s the difference between SJC-178-GY and SJC-168-WH?

1 year 13 days ago

Sir, they are the same. Only the color is different.
SJC-178-GY is grey and SJC-168-WH is white.

Mustaeen Anik
1 year 13 hours ago

What is the difference between Capacity and net capacity? Specially when some other brands only mention capacity?

11 months 25 days ago

Sir, one is net capacity and one is gross capacity.

Shaikh Kaif
11 months 2 days ago

How much electricity it will cost ? or whats the Refrigerator wattage?

11 months 21 hours ago

Sir, Electricity bill depends on many factors, like- Hours Used Per Day, Power Use (Watts), Price per kWh. Actual power consumption varies every single second, that said, all of our products are very energy efficient.

Ziaul Islam
10 months 2 days ago

Is it possible get available of Japan Assemble Deep Freezer in Bangaldesh

10 months 1 day ago

Sir, we don’t have such, Being the sole distributor of Sharp appliances in Bangladesh, we have Sharp freezers with
Country of origin: Japan
Country of Assemble: China

Sharp freezers are out of stock. They will be restocked in Oct/ Nov 2020.

5 months 24 days ago

Sales man told it has normal and deep option is it right?

5 months 23 days ago

Yes, it has Dual Cooling Function.

3 months 9 days ago

How to get warranty if we buy from Daraz offer?

3 months 7 days ago

Sir, Esquire Electronics will provide warranty support. Kindly keep the documents you have received in a safe place. In the invoice, you will see below that there is an invoice number mentioned, which should look like this HO-**-******. That number is proof that you are our customer. If you need any after-sales support, take the product to your nearest showroom and mention this number. They will arrange the service for you, or you can directly contact us via ০৯৬-১০০০১০১০, and you will be able to get instant support from Esquire Electronics Ltd.

***If you haven’t received the invoice number of Esquire Electronics in your delivery chalan, do not worry. You will get a warranty SMS containing the invoice number by Esquire Electronics within one week.

1 month 13 days ago

How much long and wide is 178 litre deep fridge? Need to know for accommodating it at home.

Md. Nadimul Islam
1 month 11 days ago

I’m in Kishoreganj sadar. Where is the showroom or store located near me?

1 month 9 days ago

Sir, we have a showroom there- Bhairab Bazar Road, Bangabandhu Sharoni, Bhairab, Kishoreganj. Phone: 01709-636180

18 days 22 hours ago

Plz tell about body Measurement

15 days 1 hour ago

754 x 564 x 845